Front Of House Revamp

This was a lovely job from start to finish.
First job was to clear the old stuff out.
We then had to re-edge the area following the existing style of the driveway. We were then able to lay the foundation hardcore (MOT) and sharp sand to bring the area up ready for the block paving. A frame was built and set in the middle before being filled with MOT and sharp sand. Everywhere was getting the whacker plate on it to ensure a tight fit.
Almost 1500 block pavers were then installed followed by artificial grass.
We were aware that water didn’t really have a place to go as the downpipe against the house turned out to be just an outlet rather than going down into a proper drain. Once we discovered that, we decided to install a small soak-away drain to try and take away the water from the surface of the blocks. 48 hours of constant rain later and we know the drain works so that is good news.
We then built a raised planter out of sleepers and incorporated a bench for the occasional sit down. Topsoil filled the planter and the customer will plant it up.
Next to that, we built a bin store and installed a few trellis panels too.
On top of that a new gallows bracket was installed against the house to stop the roof above from sagging.
All in all, an extremely enjoyable and diverse landscaping job.

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