Cottage Garden

This was another good job to do and with a happy customer at the end, that is what it is all about.

The old patio was to be replaced and the driveway portion too. During the job, the customer asked us to lose the grass as well and find another solution.

The driveway portion was a permeable solution because there was always a drainage issue there. A landscape barrier goes down first and a 250mm layer of coarse stone all compacted for a strong finish. Then a 30mm layer of fine granite chippings before the plastic grid network. Once that is down, it can be filled with a choice of colour and stones. We used some edging cobbles gently angled to force the water where we wanted it to go. We matched these same cobbles at the gate.

The old grass circle was dug out and the same principle as the driveway was used, again, so there was a match.

During this job we found an old well and two old drains that we had to fill in. The two remaining mains drains were replaced using manholes that you can set slabs into, in order to continue the lines. At no point on this patio do 4 corners of slabs meet. It’s like a code of honour :-). The slabs are Indian Sandstone in Raj Green and the joints were EASYJoint in Mushroom. A nice contrast and again, permeable.

We loved the courtyard garden all finished once the pots were returned by us for the customer to continue to enjoy.

We drank so much tea and ate so much cake on this job, it was unbelievable!

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