Disabled Block Paving Ramp

It’s really great when you can make a difference to someone else and that is exactly what happened on this job.

Unfortunately here, the man of the house had had a stroke and needed a more gentle way of getting from the front door to the driveway. Whether he will be in a wheelchair or being guided by his devoted wife, this ramp makes a big difference to them both.

First job was to clear the land and take up the old driveway edging. The kerb stones that formed the edge of the step then came out and the step was extended out further for the wheelchair. New charcoal kerbs went in which were a different colour than the originals to form a more defined edge for the eye. The kerbs then started their descent at a gradual rate down to the driveway.

At the top and bottom of the slope, we cemented in some straight edge pale concrete edgers to hold the blocks on the slope exactly where they should be. We also laid the blocks on the slope in a different pattern, to again help their eye guide them up or down.

At the bottom of the slope, we bordered the driveway in the same way that the existing driveway had been and then filled in the remaining blocks.

The final thing to do was to sweep in the driveway sand to finish it all off.

Loved this job!

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